Dani Woodward: Inserts Multiple Vibrators

January 6, 2009

Dani Woodward is smokin hot and totally nasty. This freaky bitch brought her esteemed green vibrators from home to show us how she really makes her vagina juice flow during a private masturbation. On top of that she has a sexy and sassy attitude. She wants to know if you think you can hold onto your load until after she has blown hers all down her deep fanny crack and silky thighs.

Dani does a quick little strip tease for you to get her hairy little brown bush slicked up. When she takes off her black lace panties she sucks her coochie juice from the soaked crotch. Now that’s what I call a real Solo Nasty Chick! What a prize those sticky, musky panties would be.

Dani licks on her green vibrator tips to lube them up for her suckable, brown nipples. Then she has a problem…she can’t decide which combination of pleasure zones to insert her vibrators into. Click here to instantly access this freaky slut making herself cum multiple times all over her multiple vibrators!

Cassie Courtland: Clit Pierced Cunt

December 30, 2008

Cassie Courtland is a 100% Nasty Solo Model. She was one of the caterers helping to set-up the food during a porn session. I noticed her watching the set and sliding her hand into her blouse while standing behind a serving table. I had to talk to this blond model because she looked really horny. Of course I was going to ask her if she wanted to release her arousal on film but to my shock she beat me to the question. As I was scooping up some potato salad she scooped out her boobs and showed me her hard nipples. Then she asked me if I wanted to watch her designate-fuck her cunt! I dropped my plate and ran for my camera.

By the time I had the camera going Cassie was already nude and stretched back on a lounge chair next to the pool. She was fingering her tiny shaved snapper and pulling on her nipples. As I positioned my self in the accomplished position between her wide spread legs she spit on her knockers, slapped her nipples and rubbed in the saliva. This sweetie was too turned on to keep her hands away from her pussy though. Within a few seconds she was sucking on on her fingers, sliding them around her stupendous pussy lips, and slapping her pierced clit.

As Cassie slides one finger in her tight little pussy another one comes incredibly close to her asshole as substantially. We had to cut the preview at this point because watching her carry through with her offer to designate-fuck her cunt will literally blow your noggin. Click here to instantly watch Cassie punish her nasty little pierced snapper.

Breeana Noel: Masturbating in Public

December 23, 2008

Breeana Noel caught my eye while I was on vacation a few weeks ago. I noticed her coming and going from the suite next to mine. Everyday she wore this incredible miniskirt. In the elevator I asked her is she would pose for some sexy up-skirt pic. She agreed with one condition…that we do the filming out on my balcony where she might be checked out by someone! She said that being watched by a stranger made her coochie wetter then anything else.

As I began filming Breeana, I asked her what she wanted to show me first. The nasty thing turned around, arched her back, and began fingering her dripping pussy from between her fanny cheeks. I dropped to my knees behind her and started filming from the faultless upskirt position as she slid her long fingers in and out of her nude pussy.

Breeana herself promises to get you off. In this preview clip she keeps her asshole hidden although she positions herself so that you have a full admire of her smackable bum. If you finger to encompass more of this misbehaving vacationer and what she does with her shaved coochie, butt and fingers then click here to join shortly!

Hailey Young: Pussy Juice Soaked Panties

December 16, 2008

Hailey Young is such a horny slut. I met her at a pool party a neighbor was having. Someone told her that I film hot whores masturbating. She introduced herself and told me she wanted to show me just what a fucking slut she could be right there in the backyard because it had been two days since she had masturbated. She said being at the party was making her think about all of the large cocks there which could fill up her little vagina and it had her dripping wet. This bitch had been full of dirty thoughts all day and couldn’t wait to get herself off!

Hailey began by playing with her small natural titties and sharing that she loves to have her nipples pulled and bit on. Although she promptly took her tube-top off she playfully kept her boy-shorts on and fingered her coochie through the material. Her entire crotch was soaked as she yanked the fabric into her cameltoe and slapped her clit.

Hailey very freely shares her nasty whore thoughts as she bends over and slaps her bum choice and hard for you. She promises to be your fucking slut but only if you can earn it. Once she finally discards her cunt-juice drenched undies she really starts to share some nasty desires. Click here to instantly join and experience just how rough Haily likes her rear smacked and nipples pulled!

Hillary Scott: Licks Her Own Nipples

December 9, 2008

Hillary Scott works for the agency which cleans the studio for us. I came into work very late one night to pick-up a portfolio which I had forgotten and sensed someone was in the dark, locked building. At first I couldn’t encompass her but I knew that there was a Nasty Solo Babe masturbating close buy because I could hear moans and the slap of fingers against a juicy snapper. I grabbed my camera and followed her cries of pleasure until I found her on one of the sets. She was is the doggie-style position, with her fingers buried deep inside her cunt. It was clear she was on the verge of cuming.

When she saw me she stopped, got dressed, and turned on the lights. I just knew that she was going to go back to cleaning all horny and frustrated. Instead she pulled her luscious tits out of her little black top and started licking her own nipples with! She had a groovy pierced tounge and I was imagining her running that piercing up and down the sides of my cock . As I went to my knees in front of her she slide her hands down to here puffy snapper giving me an magnificent up-skirt shot of fat cunt lips swallowing fingers.

Hillary said, “I bet you’re dying to notice what my cunt glares like?” Then followed through with her promised to tease me before letting me encompass it. She was nasty and seductive in the way she stroked her horny cunt without letting me get a full shot of her snatch. I had to know if her clit was pierced or not. Click here to join now and gain instant access to Hillary’s cleaning break!

Dena Caly: Smack my Black Ass Hard

December 2, 2008

Dena Caly is one of our freakiest black beauty bitches. She has accomplished B-cup tits with delicious chocolate nipples. She is a little bashful about taking off her tank top at first but this nasty chick gets turned on quick once she’s on her knees shaking and slapping her bubble booty for you! Her red, hot boy-shorts have to be stretched out to the max to get them past all of the junk in her trunk.

Dena loves positioning her fanny right in the camera so that you can barely smell and taste her ass crinckles. She’s begging for you to smack her bad backside monkey real hard. Her dark, large cunt folds completely hide her clitoris and leave your eyes straining to see where her labia majors end and her tight asshole begins.

If you grabbed your impervious cock at sight of Dena on her knees inserting one finger into her hairless black hole then you have got to watch her spread her jumbo vagina lips wide open and choose-fuck her throbbing clit. To instantly join and find out if it really is all pink on the inside click here!

Annie Cruz: Trashy Talking Latina

November 25, 2008

Annie Cruz works in a little restaurant across from our film studio. All of us dudes love to eat in there because she always wears the sexiest miniskirts. When she leans forward to refill our drinks we get the sweetest peak of her Latina ass. Instantaniously after she got her tongue pierced we all agreed that she would make a adept Nasty Solo Chick and invited her over to the studio for a hot masturbation rendezvous.

To our delight, Annie has to be our dirtiest talking Latina yet. From the second the camera begins rolling to the second it stops she narrates each stroke she makes and is about to make. If you like these up-skirt shots of her phat dark wet cunt then you are really going to love the sight of her pierced tounge sucking on her perky brown nipples.

Annie enthusiastically follows through with her offer to “pinch my nipples for you” and spreads her lips wide to show off her “topnotch wet twat.” She makes confident to give you an impressive see of her round smackable Latina bum as she slowly strips. When she said, “I think you dudes want to see what I look like on the inside don’t you?” she had my full attention. Click here to join now and instantly watch what Annie can do with her pierced tongue and super tight snapper.

Taylor Rain: Finger Bangs her Asshole for You

November 18, 2008

We met Taylor in the most unusual way. The dudes ordered a huge pizza delivery for lunch one day when we were really busy. Wouldn’t you know it, but the order arrived an hour late and everything was all fucked up! I called the pizza place really pissed-off and asked for the manager with the intent of chewing some ass. Then this sultry sexy voice came on the line, offering to correctly replace the order for free, delivery it personally, and do whatever was necessary to leave me a satisfied customer. I got an instant hard on.

When Taylor arrived at the studio with our 6 boxes of pizza she was wearing 6-inch stiletto heels, a white lace top, and a tiny turquoise mini-skirt which flashed us glimpses of her creamy round bum cheeks as she walked. As she bent forward and adjusted the stack of boxes on the buffet table we all had to adjust our throbbing cocks. Then she said she was a little worn out from carrying the pizzas in and asked if she could rest on our black leather sofa for a few minutes. As the hungry onlookers started filling their plates with slices Taylor started moaning and grinding her thong into her clit.

Taylor Rain is a total Nasty Solo Chick! She has tireless, long slender fingers which slap, rub, pinch, stroke, and tease her snapper and asshole until her jizz erupts all over her fingers. Within 10 seconds of a camera rolling she is spreading her sexy long legs wide open and choose-banging her asshole for you. Click here to join instantly and see what Taylor does after she buries a spit-lubricated want deep into her back door star.

Shy Love: Dirty Bitches Like it Hard and Rough

November 11, 2008

Shy Love appeared in the back courtyard of our studio asking to borrow a phone. The battery of her cell-phone had died and she needed to call her husband to let him know that she was going to be about an hour late getting home. I tried not to stare but when she leaned forward in the lounge chair to adjust the strap on her sandal, her massive cleavage fell forward and I could encompass the upper edges of two brown aureoles. She caught the direction of my gaze, smiled, pulled her tatas the rest of the way out of her top, and began licking her razor hard nipples in between responses to her husband’s questions. By the time she hung up she was completely exposed and I was filming!

Hooolllly Shit!! Shy Love has got to be one of our juiciest, nastiest, hottest cunts ever. She boldly tells you that you are about to view her be nastier then she has ever been as she instructs you to take of you pants. Just the sound of her sultry voice is enough to get you impervious and ready; but when she starts telling you how to stroke your large fat cock you will be throbbing and aching to bury your cock between her two knockers. This slamming brunette, with her full-body tan, full D-cup impervious jugs, and tiny shaved coochie lips, rubs her engorged clit for you while she instructs you to cum so that she gets to cum.

As Shy Love teased her hidden little clit she changed her mind about giving us a favor-vagina banging performance and offered to give us her ass instead. She explained dirty bitches like it hard and rough in places that are not allowed as she completely lubed up all of her fingers in her creamy cunt juices. I was aching so bad that I could scarcely keep filming when Shy Love demands you stoke your cock harder and faster. When she finally penetrates herself she begs for you to give her your warm fucking milk. Click here to join right now and gain instant access to the full version of Naughty Shy getting hard and rough with her pussy and bottom!

Penny Flame: Titty Fuck Me

November 4, 2008

Penny Flame is one flaming hot Hispanic slut. She works in one of the offices at the studio handling customer dissatisfaction calls. Everyday she wears a different sexy flowery dress which shows off her gorgeous long legs and deep inviting cleavage. One afternoon Penny wasn’t getting any calls and told me she needed something productive to do so she wouldn’t feel like she was taking advantage of the company. I suggested she let me film her masturbating herself and that way she would be earning her salary and enjoying it at the same time.

I had always imagined that Penny could lick her own nipples but I had never imagined how much she loved to be titty fucked. This bitch wants you to be as rough as you can with her nipples. Pinch, pull, twist and grab them as hard as you crave and it just gets her wetter and wetter. She has the culminating jumbo boobies for sliding a cock in between and since she likes you to be rough with her nipples you can fuck her chest as hard as you fancy. She even spits in her cleavage to keep the crack nice and lubed up for your hard cock while she begs you to appointment your load between them. She loves to rub cum all over her jugs.

Penny is quite the nasty talking little slut as substantially tells you what she wants. She starts fingering her slippery shaved vagina but has to keep her two nipples pinched with one hand for it to really put her on the verge of climaxing. Click here to instantly join and have immediate access to the full-length wide-screen version of Ms. Flame showing you just how hot her little Hispanic vagina cum glares rubbed into her tits!

Jenna Presley: College Student who Likes it Rough and Hard!

October 28, 2008

Jenna Presley is a college friend of Jennifer Luv. Jennifer was late to her tutoring gig with Jenna last week because she did an unexpected masturbation shoot for us after a recovering alcoholics meeting. When Jennifer told Jenna that she made enough money to pay for her textbooks, plus had her most jamup orgasm ever, Jenna felt her vagina start to twitch and wanted to find out more about how being a Nasty Solo Model works; so the two college students stopped by the studio a few days ago. After walking around the studio for a few minutes, Jenna went into an empty room and said, “I’m a dirty fucking whore and I need to get off really bad.” So I sent out an all call for any and every available cameraman.

Jenna is a sassy brunette with a body made for fucking real hard. She is wearing a skin tight, black, cat suit outfit which she strips out of to show off her sexy bubble backside cheeks popping out the bottom of her pink and black boy shorts. This bitch slaps her boobs and bottom harder and harder until she leaves red hand prints all over her creamy smooth skin. She tells you exactly how rough she needs it in order to get her tight snapper, dripping wet and ready to ride a large, fat cock.

Jenna is a pro at explaining how to do things, but when tutoring college students she has to be really nice and patient. This is not at all her approach when masturbating…no stupendous talking here, everything out of her mouth is nasty and demanding. She wants you to be just as rough with your cock as she is being with her pink little wet snatch. Jennifer is so turned on by the shit that Jenna is saying that she changed her mind about leaving Jennifer alone with the cameramen. Click here to join instantly and gain immediate access to the full-length wide-screen version of Jenna doing her most magnificent to pleasure you, Jennifer, and herself!

Jennifer Luv: I haven’t had an orgasm in 3 months!

October 21, 2008

Jennifer Luv is a college student at the state university. One of my scouts met her at the addict recovery meetings he attends a few time a week. Apparently Jennifer used to be quite the drunk party babe, but after she woke up one morning, totally nekid in a bed with three undressed football players, and couldn’t remember anything about the previous night, she decided that it was time to get some encouragement for her alcoholism. During a meeting last week, Jennifer was talking about how financial problems contributed to her need to drink, and that she was having a hard time resisting the urge to drink right now because she had a big bill due for textbooks and because she hadn’t been fucked nice in three months.

Being the concerned and supportive recovering alcoholic that he is, my scout approached Jennifer after the meeting about any easy and fast way for her to pay for her textbooks and get some sexual help. She agreed to masturbate for us on film so long as she could do it right then before she had time to think about it and change her mind. The scout ran out to his car, grabbed a camera, and ran back into the community center to find a private room where Jennifer could pound on her G-spot with a large dildo or do whatever else she needed to make herself orgasm.

Jennifer has a happy, sassy, kind of innocent, smile. She is a bubbly brunette with big, brown eyes and in her hot pink halter top and tan pleated miniskirt she is the pic culminating college student. She finds a red leather lounge chair to settle into and begins to explain just how she likes to flick her perky nipples really hard. She might be trying to reform her bad honey, party ways, but once the camera is rolling and her hands start bouncing around her jumbo tatas she gets really turned on and the sex freak side of her comes all out. Click here to join quickly and gain instant access to the wide-screen full-length version of Jennifer releasing a few months of restrained slutishness on her needy, aching, tight, wet, little pussy and fanny!

Nicole Brazzle: Taste my Pussy Juice

October 14, 2008

You will love Nicole Brazzle’s a plus Southern drawl as she tells you how perfecto her fucking vagina juice tastes. Nicole works for a magazine publisher a few buildings down from our studio. I went over there a couple of days ago to pick up a copy of a magazine I had some pictures featured in and discovered Nicole in the archives room. She was wearing these tiny, dressy little black boy shorts which showed off a fat cameltoe, no shoes, and a sexy black bra which I guessed to be hiding full C-cup tatas. She looked a little surprised to see me but then smiled and said she gets soooo hot and sweaty between her breasts and rear crack that she usually has to strip completely down to her nekid skin by lunch time.

Nicole shortly found the magazine waiting for me, flipped to the photo spread I did, and began breathing fast with excitement. She asked if I could take a few pictures of her. I told her only if she could talk herself through a hot, slutty, sweaty masturbation scene. She leaned back on the couch, began fingering her pretty shaved vagina through her black lace thong, and said, “I love touching my super juicy cunt.” She titillated her twat then tasted her fingers. My mouth started watering when she told me her fucking vagina juice tasted real super.

Nicole gets even nastier when she spreads her fat, outer pussy lips wide open and tells you to get your cock real good and hard for her nice pink vagina. She is shaved so smooth and spread so wide open that you can even view a pimple close to her tight winking asshole! Click here to join instantly and experience why this a plus tasting, sexy talking Southern belle will be one you finger to jack-off to over and over again.

Ruby Flame: I’ll teach you to fuck my cunt with a dildo!

October 7, 2008

Ruby Flame is so fucking hot and nasty we thought the arms of the vinyl office chair she had her long legs locked around might definitely catch on fire! We ran an ad in the local classifieds titled “adult toy testers needed.” Ruby called me with a wild and erotic request. She said she wanted to make an instructional video to go along with the toys we were selling so that admirers could learn exactly how to most magnificent fuck their bitches cunts with our dildos!

At first I thought Ms. Flame was playing a joke on me but when she arrived at the studio I instantly could tell what a horny slut she really was because her tight little shorts already had a wet spot showing in the crotch. She went straight over to a table, picked out a vibrating dildo and lube, exposed down to some sexy black lace lingerie, and found a chair to sit back in. I could surely encompass her creamy hot pussy juice running down across her asshole, into her crack and pooling onto the seat of the chair as she bestowed the massive dildo against her pink shaved pussy and began lubing it up.

Ruby is one hot, trashy talking dildo instructor. Although she doesn’t think any of us are perfecto enough to bang her precious little twat, she loves playing with her cunt lips all day long. If you choose to learn how to fuck a bitch with a dildo, or you choose to teach your lady how to get freaky on her cunt with a dildo while you watch her, then Ruby is the culminating slut to observe masturbating herself. This nempho talks you through the use of proper angles, speeds, and pressures for optimal dildo-to-vagina banging. Click here to join now and get immediate access to the full-length version of Ruby’s dildo-fucking instructional session.